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Vision Zero International course

We are happy to inform that the 2023 edition of the Vision Zero International Course will take place 18-22 September 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sweden is one of the world´s leading countries in the development of traffic safety with the goal of reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries in road traffic. Vision Zero is the basis for all road traffic safety work in Sweden.

It is now 25 years since the Swedish Parliament in 1997 adopted a ‘vision zero’ goal for road traffic, with the long-term goal that no one would be killed or seriously injured within the road transport system. Vision Zero is an ethical approach, but also constitutes the strategy of forming a safe road transport system. Vision Zero has led to major changes in both working methods and interventions, which will be presented in this course.

Course goals

After the course the participants will have gained a deep understanding of Vision Zero as a policy innovation and how this could affect working methods, as well as how a safe road transport system can be created. Participants will also receive a platform for the understanding of how to continue the work with road safety issues in their respective countries.

Course information

For the fifth time we are now offering the Vision Zero International course. During the course, interesting lectures will be mixed with study visits to clearly exemplify the Swedish model. At the end of the course the participants will receive a diploma as proof of participation.

Target audience

The course is targeted for a broad audience, as we welcome everyone who works in practice with traffic safety issues in various agencies such as government authorities, industry, municipalities, NGOs and academia. It is also highly relevant for experts within UN authorities, development banks, and other international organisations.


The course lecturers will primarily be Swedish Transport Administration experts in their respective fields as well as guest lecturers from other authorities, municipalities, academies and industry. All the lectures and course material are in English.


Technical enquiries
Kenneth Svensson, Swedish Transport Administration
E-mail: kenneth.svensson@trafikverket.se

Eva Björk, Swedish Transport Administration
E-mail: eva.bjork@trafikverket.se

Registration will open January 2023

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